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Monday, 20 July 2009

Jessica Sprague Days 6 - 13

Well as I've been on my holidays I had a huge catch up with all the classes I'd missed. I have so enjoyed this course and will definitely do more of jessicas classes in the future. here's what I learned

Day 6
Through the Viewfinder

Day 7 was a test so here is Day 8
Adding text

Day 9
Edge Burn
I did this in both colour and B&W

Day 10
Project from Start-to-Finish
I loved this class

Day 11
Selective/Spot Recoloring

I did two of these

Day 12

And finally Day 13
Collage & brush
We had to do two versions of this class, one in colour & one in sepia with only one photo coloured


Lulu said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos Tracey - the course was ace and like you, I'd love to do another one!

Mole said...

Some great pix there, Tracey. It's been a great course, hasn't it?